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9 Health Benefits of Playing Squash

Like many other outdoor games, squash can also be played regardless of the time and season. Keep scrolling to find out the health benefits of playing squash.

The game that is played with a ball and racket by either two (Singles) or four players (double squash)
as per need, doesn’t only help to pass the time, but also maintains the mental and physical health of
the player. Below we’re going to see some of the major benefits of one of the healthiest sport in the world.
So, pull your socks up, and keep on reading

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Health benefits of playing squash

1. Everybody and anybody can play squash

There are not any hard and fast squash rules. It is adaptable to everyone as it is considered as a fun
sport. Whether you’re a teenager or adult, everyone can easily learn and play squash with the
modifications as per their choice. The players can alter the playing style and the equipment to suit
their height, size, and skill level.

When we say squash can be played by a person of any age, it is important to know that this sport
helps to improve the children’s sociability, height, eyesight, will power, sportsman spirit, and the list
goes on.

2. Healthiest sport for cardiovascular health

You all must have heard about sports cardio, as squash requires a lot of energy because you jump,
run, leap and dive for the ball, so it can prove to be the best for your heart, as your heart and lungs
work at highest proficiency. More and more, blood is pumped by your heart while you play the
squash making it stronger and healthy. What happens is that your whole body gets a good amount
of oxygen to keep going without letting you feel weak and exhausted.

Besides, heart patients must play something like squash to keep their hearts at their best.3. Strength and fitness
If you are a person who is very much conscious about fitness but finds it boring to go to the gym
daily for a workout, then this game is perfectly designed for you. It helps you get fit and maintain the
physique while having a lot of fun and winning energy.

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3. Strength and fitness

If you are a person who is very much conscious about fitness but finds it boring to go to the gym
daily for a workout, then this game is perfectly designed for you. It helps you get fit and maintain the
physique while having a lot of fun and winning energy.

There are many health benefits of Playing squash; it helps you achieve power and the capability to use force.

One can easily tone their arms and legs by this game. Wondering How?

Because a lot of force is applied on arms while hitting the ball and
any game that is played with racquet requires running, so your legs won’t be left unhealthy.
Furthermore, playing squash involves your lower and upper body muscles and the movement of
nearly all the bones keeping your whole body toned and you can burn a lot of calories (an average of
560 calories every 30 minutes).

4. Playable all year round

Many people that live in harsh weather conditions (winters or summers) find it difficult to work out
throughout the year, so playing this court-based game makes it perfect for those living in these
areas. They won’t miss out on their cardio and have great fun at the same time.

5. Good for mental health

Without any doubt, squash concentrates on 95% of your physical health and 5% of the mental
health. But once your physical condition is improved, it becomes more of a mental health booster.
When the player feels like a pro in any game, he focuses on the winning strategy more than holding
the breath and not losing the ball, so as a result, the brain tends to refresh itself, hence improving
the mental health.

6. Improves self-confidence

In any game and not just specifically in squash, the player develops a sense of achievement and
confidence regardless of whether he wins or loses that game.
When a player with good sportsmen spirit knows that he has given his best and used their physical
ability as much as they can, and especially in a forceful game like squash, then it boosts their self-
esteem and confidence.

7. Boosts hand and eye coordination

Like all other games that are played by rackets require a lot of hand-eye coordination. Because the
player repeatedly sees the ball and adjusts his body and hand to hit back the ball. The coordination
between the hand and body movement boosts the working and movement of the whole body.
Hand-eye coordination is a must to play any game that requires concentration and force at the same
time. And leaving this practice for a long time can cause weakness of many organs.

8. Helps cultivate social skills

With all other health benefits of playing squash, it also provides a chance for people to meet other players
and develop a friendship for the same interest. It’s not possible to play this game alone and that is
why you will have to go to gyms and other clubs to have the chance to play friendly matches or
participate in tournaments.

You can have a bigger social circle, but only if you are willing to make new friends with an open heart
and not consider them as your competition. After all, winning and losing is just a matter of luck and
hard work.

9. Learning how to win

Squash can help you learn how to win and experience happy moments. It teaches you to never
give up, and you always have a chance. Other qualities that are important to keep in mind while
playing any game includes, keeping calm at any moment, playing wisely in tough times of the game,
maintaining attention, finding strength of character to keep on fighting and developing your own

All these skills are huge features in life itself, and any practice of them on a squash court can only do
miracles for your psychological health.


let’s just hope that these benefits have really left an impact on your minds, and you can decide why
you need squash in your life. Playing squash can have lifelong advantages in many areas of your
health, happiness, and mentality. Good luck with trying out this spectacular game!

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