Squash camps are a great introduction for those new to squash and the best place to develop young squash players who will outplay and outperform the competition. Camps are appropriate for players of all ages and skill levels. We offer multiple weeks of day camps with flexible session schedules and overnight camps at Mercersburg Academy, PA featuring guest coaches!
Your child will be a part of a high-energy environment and will not only learn a new activity, but will also gain self-confidence. And, of course, they’ll be making friends along the way.
All of our camps include training in the key elements of squash and personal excellence:
  • Sportsmanship

    setting expectations for fair and generous behavior and treatment of others

  • Performance & Conditioning

    building speed, strength and agility

  • Growth Mindset

    managing emotions, building a ‘grit’ mindset, establishing preparation for challenges on and off the court

  • Strategy

    learning to adapt personal strengths to be able to set the tone in a match, be responsive, and create game plans for success

  • Technical Skill

    stroke, movement mechanics, and specific elements for match play

Players will be divided by skill level, as appropriate, and areas of focus will shift, based on strengths of each player.

Summer Camp 2024 Schedule
Beginner/Intermediate Levels Schedule

4 hours a day - Monday to Friday
June 10th - 14thBeginner/IntermediateTysons/Bethesda$525
June 17th - 21stBeginner/IntermediateTysons/Bethesda$525
June 24th - 28thBeginner/IntermediateTysons/Bethesda$525
July 1st - 3rdBeginner/IntermediateTysons/BethesdaProrated Price
July 8th - 12thBeginner/IntermediateTysons/Bethesda$525
July 15th - July 19thBeginner/IntermediateTysons/Bethesda$525
July 22nd- 26thBeginner/IntermediateTysons/Bethesda$525
July 29th - August 2ndBeginner/IntermediateTysons/Bethesda$525
August 5th - 9thBeginner/IntermediateTysons/Bethesda$525
August 12th - 16thBeginner/IntermediateTysons/Bethesda$525
August 19th - 23rdBeginner/IntermediateTysons/Bethesda$525
August 26th - 30thBeginner/IntermediateTysons/Bethesda$525

Elite/Advance Levels Schedule

June 10th - 14thElite/AdvanceMcLean/Bethesda$600
June 17th - 21stElite/AdvanceMcLean/Bethesda$600
June 24th - 28thElite/AdvanceMcLean/Bethesda$600
July 1st - 3rdElite/AdvanceMcLean/BethesdaProrated Price
July 8th - 12thElite/AdvanceMcLean/Bethesda$600
July 15th - July 19thElite/AdvanceMcLean/Bethesda$600
July 22nd- 26thElite/AdvanceMcLean/Bethesda$600
July 29th - August 2ndElite/AdvanceMcLean/Bethesda$600
August 5th - 9thElite/AdvanceMcLean/Bethesda$600
August 12th - 16thElite/AdvanceMcLean/Bethesda$600
August 19th - 23rdElite/AdvanceMcLean/Bethesda$600
August 26th - 30thElite/AdvanceMcLean/Bethesda$600

Day Camps

4-hour session a day, Monday to Friday!

A typical day is as follows
Warm-up (Dynamic Drills)
On Court (Technical and Playing Patterns)
Play (Conditioned Games, Tactics, Solutions, and Matchplay)
Lunch/snack break
Physical (Strength, Balance, Coordination, and Stretch)
Summary (Stretch and Feedback)

Summer Camp 2024 Schedule (Columbia)

For 3 hour session weekly cost. Daily 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM

June 10th - 14thBeginner/IntermediateColumbia$300
June 17th - 21stBeginner/IntermediateColumbia$300
June 24th - 28thBeginner/IntermediateColumbia$300
July 1st - 3rdBeginner/IntermediateColumbiaProrated Price
July 8th - 12thBeginner/IntermediateColumbia$300
July 15th - July 19thBeginner/IntermediateColumbia$300
July 22nd- 26thBeginner/IntermediateColumbia$300
July 29th - August 2ndBeginner/IntermediateColumbia$300
August 5th - 9thBeginner/IntermediateColumbia$300
August 12th - 16thBeginner/IntermediateColumbia$300
August 19th - 23rdBeginner/IntermediateColumbia$300
August 26th - 30thBeginner/IntermediateColumbia$300

Day Camps

2-hour session a day, Monday to Friday!

A typical day is as follows
10:00 AM01:00 PM
Noon2:00 PM
2:00 PM4:00 PM

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