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12 Best Tips on How to Play Squash

You are at the right spot if you are looking for the best 12 Tips and Rules on How to Play Squash.

How to Play Squash

Like many other indoor games, squash can be played regardless of the time and season because of its inertness to the weather. Squash is considered one of the best sport to kill time and additionally, it gives numerous health benefits.

Although this game that is played with a squash ball and racket by either two (Singles) or four players (double squash) as per need does not have any hard and fast rules so players can alter the rules as per their ease. Yet, you will have to follow some basic rules and regulations to at least start with it.

How to play squash

We will see step by step on how to play squash game effectively.

Getting the proper equipment

The first step is to buy proper equipment for whatever you are going to play. In squash, you need to have proper rackets and some proper squash balls.

If you are a person who is just testing on different games, then you can even rent this equipment from any squash club instead of buying. Moreover, you can use different rackets like a tennis racket or tennis ball racket. However, if you chose this sport to play like an expert, then you will have to buy your equipment.

You will have to choose between the colors of squash balls, as they come in different colors that refer to their speed. Yellow is the slowest one, white or green is slow, red is medium, and blue is fast.

The beginners should go for the faster balls while experienced players tend to use the slower ones.

Squash rackets are widely available online, but you may find it hard to buy online squash balls.

Some other things that are also very important to carry are your squash or tennis shoes. You can’t wear black soles inside the squash court because they will leave marks.

All you need is proper equipment, and a “to-do” mindset to accomplish your greatness in a squash court.

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Choosing a Squash Court

If you become very much fascinated by this game, then you will have to play regularly. And for that, you need to join the nearest squash club for proper training.

Different squash courts are located in different places like squash clubs, gyms, and other sport centers. You may need to make proper bookings before using a court.

Learning the Rules

At least two players are required to play the game. Although you can practice on your own.

The game begins when one of the players serves the ball from serving square. The first player who hits the ball first is called the server. He hits the ball on the far wall of the squash court that bounces back at the direction opposite to the server where the other player is standing ready to hit the ball.

The point is to make just one bounce on the floor with a hit to pass it to the next player. Although the ball can hit the walls, but not the floor more than once. The last person to hit the wall for the duration of a volley wins that point.

Learning to hold a racket correctly

There should be a “V” between your pointer finger and your thumb, and the rest of the fingers close to the pointer finger. Don’t stress your hand by holding the racket tightly.

Hitting a ball

You will need to have a lot of patience as the squash balls are not too bouncy. You will have to keep trying without losing your temper.

You will have to practice to hit specific spots on the wall. Try hitting the ball right below the upper out of bounds line and right above the lower out of bounds line. Having a good target will prove to be good to become an expert on How to Play Squash.

Forehand and backhand strokes

In the forehand, you hit the ball with the racket, with your forearm facing the ball. This is what you probably do while practicing.

In backhand, you hit the ball with your forearm facing away from the ball. The backhand can be one-handed but usually requires two hands on your racket. This needs a lot more practice.

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Practice hitting off the side walls

When you have some extra time, try hitting the sidewalls of the court and practice as much as you can to make your angle of hitting right before hitting the far wall.

Learning the tactics

Only learning the basic rules of any game does not help in winning. You have to be physically and mentally fit to improve your winning ratio.

There are many tactics that the expert player uses. Some of them recommend using the defense policy while others suggest the attacking one. Now trying both and choosing between the two totally depends upon the player.

Learning to vary your speed and direction

Do not be obvious on all your moves after all dodging is the key trick of “How to Play Squash”.  Don’t let the opponent know your next move! Instead, keep on changing the directions and the speed. You need to change the spot of hitting the ball on the far wall so the opponent won’t know.

Holding the ground on the court

It is said that a good player makes the opponent run to hit the ball. So in that case, you will have to take the center position on the court that is “T” on the ground. And as soon as the opponent makes you run to hit the ball away from the “T” take the center position again after hitting, making him move side by side. Although there is a rule that you can not stop the way of your opponent to move so you will have to be smart with this trick.

If you or the other player is hit by the ball or a racket, the game stops and the striker loses the point. If things settle between the two, then different things can happen.

Learning the “let” rule

If the ball would have hit the far wall directly, the striker gets the point. If the ball would have hit the side wall before hitting the back wall, then the players redo the point. This is called a “let.”

Having a partner as an opponent

If you don’t want to get bored and feel confident, then you will have to find another player who is also a rookie, and practice with that player. Playing with a skilled person can make you learn a lot of different techniques because he may have a lot more experience. Your squash coach can also play with you and teach you important techniques helping you to become a better player on how to play squash.

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