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At Play Squash Academy, we are passionate about introducing the sport of squash to schools and helping them establish successful squash programs. Here are some offerings we can provide to schools interested in starting a squash program at our facilities;

Consultation and Planning

We offer consultation services to schools interested in starting a squash program. We can also offer a one day or two open house to your student body at our Squash facility that is closer to your School to come and try Squash with our Coaches. This setup wil help you to get an idea how many students are interested in joining the squash program.

We can Offer

A One Day School Assembly

To introduce your faculty, families, and students to the fundamentals of the game where everyone will have a chance to participate

On site Skills Clinics

At your facility to teach the fundamentals of coordination, cardiovascular endurance, and racquet skills

A Robust Catalog Of Programs

Specifically tailored to accommodate the scheduling needs of your students at all of our three convenient locations

The Program Management Of A Team

To represent your school in local, regional, and national competitions

Play Squash Academy fully facilitates whichever of these satisfies the needs and positive mental and physical development of your students. We coordinate the registration, set up, gear, scheduling - everything. We are a robust program of dedicated, international, world-ranked coaches. Your students will be motivated and inspired to challenge themselves, support their teammates and strive to perform on and off the court.

In line with our mission to bring this sport to every student, we are proud to partner with Squash Inspire, a non-profit available to sponsor any student who may need assistance meeting the financial requirements of participation.

Play Squash Academy is removing any barrier to schools and their students who would like to play a sport that can change their lives.


If you would like to set up a time to talk about our program offerings and how they can be tailored to introduce squash to your school and develop a thriving program that aligns with our hopes for every student – that they may engage everyday in activities guided by adults who care about their future and want to see them succeed

Together we can build the roadmap to a lasting partnership and legacy for your students