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5 Reasons to Add an After-School Squash Program

5 Reasons to Add an After-School Squash Program

5 Reasons to Add an After-School Squash Program

Why Any School Would Benefit from an After-School Squash Program

Adding a new sport to your after-school athletic program is not without its challenges and considerations. However, there are numerous advantages to adding the right sports to your core offerings. Here are five reasons your elementary, middle, or high school could benefit from adding an after-school squash program.

First Things First…What Is Squash Sport? 

If your athletic department is considering adding anything to its program, squash would offer many benefits.

Not sure about squash? Wondering, What is squash sport

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Played on an indoor court
  • Equipment: court, squash racket, rubber squash ball, safety goggles
  • Relies on players’ speed, agility, and mental quickness
  • Can be practiced as a solo game
  • Often played as singles (one versus one) or doubles (two versus two)
  • Offers exceptional health benefits

5 Benefits of Adding Squash to Your After-School Athletic Program

1. Squash Can Pave the Way to Great Colleges and Universities

Playing any competitive sport at a high level is an effective way to ease the path to college. Adding squash to your after-school program will offer another way for your students to take advantage of that.

In terms of admission to college, playing a sport can result in two major benefits for students. One, they could receive a scholarship for that sport. Two, the dedication to an extracurricular activity could make the college applicant stand out from an increasingly competitive crowd.

As colleges become more expensive, the financial assistance of a scholarship is more important than ever to families.

In addition to being more expensive, colleges and universities are also harder to get into. A stellar athletic career could be the factor that turns a student from wait-listed to accepted. 

When talking to parents of your students, they probably are curious about the relationship between athletics and scholarships. If they have any questions about how squash can help you get into a competitive college, feel free to direct them to the linked resource.

2. Squash Is a Group Sport That Can Be Practiced Individually and Played Together

Squash and other racket sports are a somewhat unique category of athletics. While they are played competitively in singles or doubles, they can also be practiced individually.

This means it’s a sport that could appeal to all student athletes, including those who are individually minded and those who are team minded.

3. Squash Offers Incredible Health Benefits to Students

The aim of an athletic department is to provide sports to students. Why? Because sports offer huge health benefits.

Most obviously, they offer physical health benefits. This includes increased heart health, lung capacity, and endurance.

But sports also offer social and emotional health benefits. Even individual sports provide a collaborative, social, group environment. That facilitates friendships and social well-being.

Sports are also healthy outlets for stress and a way to develop self-confidence and self-esteem.

Squash is renowned for its health benefits for kids and would be a natural choice for any school’s sports program.

4. Squash Is a Less Known Sport

School athletics are usually dominated by “traditional” sports:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf

Adding squash to your school’s after-school sports curriculum would provide an option for students who aren’t interested in these more well-known sports.

It would help broaden the base of students who participate in athletics and who receive all the numerous physical, mental, and social benefits of participating in school sports.

5. Squash Is an Adaptable, Lifelong Sport

While your knees might eventually give out and make basketball, soccer, or football a less feasible sport to play, squash is easily modified to the player’s desired intensity level.

By adding squash to your school, you give students access to a sport they can truly enjoy for a lifetime. Healthy, active kids grow up into healthy, active adults. By establishing healthy habits when your students are young, it’s a great way to help ensure their ongoing health throughout life.

Considerations When Adding an After-School Sports Program

Adding a sport to any school program can be hugely beneficial for students, but there are logistical hurdles to navigate.

If you’re considering adding squash to your school’s programming, here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Budget. Is there money allocated to this addition? Could it be raised or found in the budget?
  • Student expenses. Will participating be a financial burden on the students and their family? Think about transportation, equipment, and uniform costs.
  • Staffing. Is there a qualified, interested instructor?
  • Co-ed opportunities. Do you have the resources to launch a boys’ squash team and a girls’ squash team?
  • Facilities. Do we have the space and facilities to accommodate the sport?
  • Interest. Does your student body have enough people who are interested to justify the addition?
  • Local competition. Do neighboring schools have squash teams as well? Will extensive travel be necessary for competitive matches?

Want to get more in-depth information? Explore the challenges of adding a sport to an athletic program.

Private Coaching Option for Virginia Youth Squash Players

Already offer an after-school squash program? Want to prepare your students in advance of one being added? Feel free to direct your Virginia-based students and parents to contact PlaySquash Academy.

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