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Some games are not just supposed to be played to win or lose, they demand some extra activities to be done before, after and midways. You can not achieve the best results by the practice only but there are some exercises, stretches, and activities that are required to be done along with the practice.

Squash is one of those physical sports that needs much more than just training, as well as the physical sport it is also a mental sport. Every move that you do in the court directly affects your mind no matter if you win or lose. This pressure can be traumatic, which is why keeping your mind at peace is very important as well.

When it comes to the physical side of the sport a number of skills should be learned including serves, grip, drops, boast, drives, lobs, court movements, swing mechanics, forehand and backhand, rules and marking, serves, and even judging all of this is important but what about the after game fitness and body posture protection?  Have you ever wondered what happens to your mind after you finish playing a sport? Have you ever thought about mental exercises that you should practice to keeping calm? We will learn all those things that a squash player must do.

It all depends on how much time you have between your next match or next training session, that time will decide exactly how you should recover your body.

To keep in mind, there are three common R’s or recovery when it comes to being a successful squash player, let us see in detail.


So, refreshing is the first “R” that we were referring to. You may not get a lot of time for refreshing your self during the game, but u can take out some couple of seconds to refresh yourself between the game. You may inhale or exhale at that time or you may start jogging on your place to get your body circulation to be at normal state between or after the match. That not only helps you keep your circulation normal but also helps in providing oxygen to your brain thus making you feel relaxed.

Stretching and Flexibility Tips for Squash Players


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Replenish is the second “R” out of the three “Rs”. As mentioned earlier, squash is a game oh physical energy so while playing the actual match or while in the training session, the squash players sweat a lot, and when we say a lot, we actually mean it. As squash requires a lot of muscle power, arms, and leg movements so it is no less than cardio and you tend to release a lot of natural body fluids. For that purpose, players need to take a couple of minutes to replace that water loss in the form of any liquid intake. Doing so not only helps you get back faster, but it also provides you with the training benefits much faster.


With all that physical energy that you put in playing squash, there is a bundle of emotions that a player goes through while playing a game, especially in the final tournaments. As soon as you leave the court you start leaving those emotions behind and forget them right after the match. All these happy as well as sad feelings are the part of your journey and should always be memorized in a good way so one must write all of these emotions in his diary or even one should take out all those feelings and emotions in front of their loved ones to always cherish and remember them.