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How To Master The Art Of Squash Serving: A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Master The Art Of Squash Serving: A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Master The Art Of Squash Serving: A Step-By-Step Guide

In squash sport, players know that developing a formidable offensive and defensive game requires patience and dedication. The style of play you adopt will ultimately define your gameplay, whether you lean towards offense or defense.

Squash serving can often be complex, but there is a simple rule to follow when stepping onto the court, even for beginners. The answer becomes clear: it depends on who has the serve.

The serve marks the beginning of every match and holds great significance for both the server and the receiver. It determines who can score a point and who must focus on defending to prevent their opponent from gaining points (assuming you’re playing under ‘standard scoring’ rules).

Understanding this concept highlights that serve is squash’s most crucial psychological element. Before delivering a pivotal serve, it’s beneficial to establish eye contact with your opponent briefly. This small act helps reinforce your focus and mindset.

In squash sport, every match begins with a serve. Understanding the significance of being the server or receiver is crucial. The serve dictates who has the opportunity to score a point and who must defend to prevent the opponent from gaining an advantage (assuming you’re playing by standard scoring rules). As a result, the serve holds immense psychological value in the game. Squash serving is critical; take a moment to establish brief eye contact with your opponent – it can help reinforce your focus and determination.

The Basics of Squash Serving

To master the art of squash serving, starting with the fundamentals is essential. Here are the key elements to consider in squash sport:

1. Grip and Stance

A proper grip and stance are vital for a successful squash serving. Hold the racket with a firm yet relaxed grip, ensuring it is comfortable. Stand sideways to the front wall, with your feet shoulder-width apart, and maintain a balanced position.

2. Positioning and Alignment

Position yourself slightly behind the service box and align your body parallel to the side wall. This positioning allows for better control and accuracy during the serve.

3. Ball Placement

Choose the desired location for your serve by aiming for specific areas on the front wall. Targeting different areas can disrupt your opponent’s game and create opportunities for you to gain an advantage.

4. Swing and Follow-Through

Execute a smooth swing by bringing the racket back and using your wrist and forearm to generate power. Aim to make contact with the ball at the height of your swing and follow through with a controlled motion, ensuring the racket finishes parallel to the side wall.

5. Variations in Squash Serving

In squash sport, keep your opponent guessing and maintain the element of surprise; it’s essential to incorporate different variations into your squash serving. Here are a few popular options:

  • The Power Serve: A powerful serve can immediately put your opponent on the defensive. Focus on generating speed and accuracy while maintaining control of the shot.
  • The Lob Serve: A lob serve involves hitting the ball high and deep into the back corner, forcing your opponent to retreat and potentially opening up the court for your subsequent shots.
  • The Drive Serve: The drive serve aims to hit the ball low and hard, keeping it close to the sidewall. This forces your opponent to react quickly and restricts their options for an effective return.
  • The Boast Serve: The boast serve a deceptive shot that hits the side wall before reaching the front wall. It can catch your opponent off guard, creating opportunities for you to gain control of the rally.


Mastering the art of squash serving is a crucial aspect of the game. Understanding the strategic importance of serving and practicing the fundamental techniques, grips, stances, ball placements, swings, and variations will significantly enhance your overall performance on the court. Remember, the serve is not just a means to initiate a rally but an opportunity to gain a psychological advantage and set the tone for the entire match. So, embrace the challenge, refine your skills, and take your squash game to new heights through the mastery of squash serving techniques.

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