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Squash Lessons

Squash Lessons

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Private or semi-private lessons are a great way to build specific skills quickly or focus on a specific area of play.


For beginners, a few private lessons are critical to learn the basic grip, swing, and footwork to establish the foundation for a successful playing career.


As players advance, periodic lessons can focus on areas of struggle, or strength. Players will often engage in a series of lessons to hone a stroke or refine footwork. Others use their lessons to practice pressure drills focusing on building cardiovascular fitness, speed and agility during their best workout of the week!

We offer private lessons for 30 and 45 minutes and semi-private lessons at 1 hour. 30 minute lessons are idea for beginner players who are building new skills and muscle memory and the fitness necessary to play squash. 45 minute lessons allow for focused skill development and practicing those skills in a dynamic game environment. Semi-private lessons are great for players who are well matched and learn well from their peers as well as a coach.