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What Is Squash?

Like all other outdoor games, squash can also be played irrespective of the time and season. Squash is considered one of the best sport to kill time and it gives numerous health benefits as well.

Although this game that is played with a squash ball and racket by either two (Singles) or four players (double squash) as per need does not have any hard and fast rules so players can alter the rules as per their ease. Yet, you will have to follow some basic rules and regulations to at least start with it.


Why squash?

Around twenty million people play squash in 185 countries according to stats. The number 1 male player presently is from Egypt who was challenged by British, French, and a large number of international players. The number 1 female player is from Malaysia who is representing squash everywhere, from the USA to Europe including Asia, India, and the Middle East.

Squash players are business owners and senior administrators in upper management, throughout corporate America along with research physicians, architects, attorneys, and accountants because they can earn more than $300,000 and an average net worth is nearly $1,500,000.

Squash players are well educated. 98% of squash players are college graduates with 57% having graduate degrees. Adult players are engaged, enthusiastic, and loyal. In a 2013 survey by US Squash, more than 90% of defendants play frequently, and 65% have played for more than 10 years.

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Health Benefits of Squash

How to Play Squash

Global Squash

Squash TV that was launched in 2010 by the PSA, had modernized entry to the top level of the sport worldwide with more than 300 matches aired live via PSA’s video-on-demand service. The PSA and WSA World Series represents 120 tournaments played around the year from Australia to Argentina, South Africa to Mexico, and Kuwait to Canada, among other major international markets.

Squash in the United States

The United States has the fastest expanding squash involvement of any country globally. The latest data from the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) shows an incredible 82% growth between 2007 and 2011 to more than 1.2 million players. Participation in junior squash events has increased 400% in the same period with more than 1,500 youngsters competing for national interscholastic championships each year.

Growth of Squash in USA

  • The United States has the fastest growing squash participation worldwide – the Sports & Fitness Association (SFIA) shows 82% growth overall between 2007 and 2011 to more than 1.2 million squash players.
  • Junior participation has grown over 400% from 2007-2011, and this number continues to grow roughly 20-30% annually.
  • Geographically, junior squash is also expanding. In two years, 2010-2013, for West Coast tournaments we experienced a 375% increase in the number of tournaments combined with a 55% increase in the average number of players per tournament.

About USA Squash

  • USA Squash is the national governing body and membership organization for the sport of squash in the United States that was came into being in 1904 and has headquartered in New York City. US Squash enables a person to have the opportunity to improve their health and well being through the squash game.

    US Squash’s vision is to improve people’s health and well being by increasing participation in squash, making it suitable for all the ages, and to guide people about the sport, excellence, professionalism, and responsibility.

    US Squash invests in programs and also run their own, to increase membership in the squash game at many levels, and manages squash tournaments all over the United States.

    US Squash owns and operates the U.S. Open and North American Open as well as all other United States National Championships, and also selects and manages the U.S. National Teams that compete internationally, and maintains the official ratings and rankings system for U.S. players. US Squash’s programs touch each aspect of the sport, from urban, junior and high school squash, college squash, accredited (sanctioned) tournaments and leagues, to professional squash, coach, and referee certifications, national championships, and national teams.

Squash in McLean

Like in many other cities of the US, McLean also offers some major squash programs. Squash Revolution at McLean Sport & Health offers squash programs, where they offer many schemes on three international main squash courts. These programs consist of private lessons, clinics, camps, leagues, tournaments exhibitions, and special events.

The weekly plan proposes programming options for juniors and adults at all levels.

Their goal is to provide players with contact with world-class schooling from top experts and trainers. They provide an entry-level point for new players, programming for continuing players, junior development, training, and career assistance to specialists and young competitors.

Squash in Virginia

Even the smallest town as Virginia is not left behind by the USA and this does also have proper squash courts and training centers.

The & PlaySquashAcademy in Mclean, Virginia offers you a variety of styles to combine it up with players who share your enthusiasm. They provide the lessons either by private lessons from an internationally-recognized champion coaching staff, camps and clinics that teach basics as well as match skills, or monthly socials, leagues and other events, The St. James is perfect to train you and to fulfill your need for match and court time.


Squash provides exceptional chances to build a unique skill, build a healthy lifestyle, enjoy the competition, and to socialize by meeting new people. The St. James squash program underlines proper sportsmanship, hard work, and building confidence on the court. Their aim is to build aspiration, strength, and power of character.

Whether you’re a busy person looking for some great squash training programs, an aspiring collegiate seeking national recognition, or a parent who wants to bring thrill and skill to your children, they’ve got you everything you need. They offer everything.

  • Eight world-class squash courts.
  • A high-performance training center for strength, agility, and conditioning.
  • Internationally-ranked coaching staff to bring out your best.
  • Co-ed clinics for preschool through high school.
  • In-house leagues for mixed match play.
  • Private instruction to build strategy and skills.
  • Competitive leagues and tournaments throughout the year.

Awareness is promoted every year by US Squash on its website and in e-newsletters, in advertising and social media. Moreover, the PSA and WSA promote the sport on an ongoing basis in their calendars and editorial. Squash Magazine and other newspapers and periodicals cover the event. Recent squash coverage has appeared in these publications, websites, or broadcasts.