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Are you a fitness freak? Do you want to burn all those calories without any hectic workout routine? Do you want to lose weight by having a lot of fun? All these problems and one solution, all you need to do is to play squash as much as you can.

In this article, you will know how you can lose weight by playing squash very easily.

6 Motivations why Squash is the Ideal Sport for Weight Loss

There are many other common techniques to lose weight that everyone knows such as walking, running, and cardio, etc. but how about losing all that extra fat by playing your favorite game squash? This fun and very inexpensive sport will burn a large number of calories, improve your stamina and oxygen uptake, and leave you looking very fit.

Read the complete article to see why to choose squash.

Squash burns calories

Squash is the game that lets you run throughout the game, with no time you will have to hit the ball and you keep on running in that matter. With this running activity, you will burn a lot of calories so effortlessly, so this is the main reason that squash is perfect for weight loss.

Squash improves circulatory fitness

Apart from burning a lot of calories when you play squash, you will also see the improvement in your aerobic and anaerobic survival which will help you be a better player and further help in losing weight. Anaerobic and aerobic have related benefits for health and fitness and you will go through components of both when you play squash.

9 Health Benefits of Playing Squash

What is Squash Sport? A Detailed Guide & Overview

Squash helps you tone your arms and legs

If you want perfect toned arms and legs than squash is the perfect game for you. As you run to hit the ball you use a lot of leg muscles with intense power also, you hold the racquet with your hand so hitting the balls emphasis your arm muscles too. Putting stress on your arm and legs muscles will lead you to have toned arms and legs which is very good because increased muscle mass and strength will lead to an increase in the rate of fat burn.

Squash Improves Flexibility and Agility

These are very valuable aspects of fitness which are usually ignored because most people dedicate all their time and strength in developing the more apparent components such as cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. So, the best part is, playing squash could help build your flexibility and agility besides your general fitness at the same time, and without you putting an effort into it.

Squash helps in improving hand-eye coordination

Like all other games that are played by rackets require a lot of hand-eye coordination. Because the player repeatedly sees the ball and adjusts his body and hand to hit back the ball. The coordination between the hand and body movement boosts the working and movement of the whole body.

Hand-eye coordination is a must to play any game that requires concentration and force at the same time. And leaving this practice for a long time can cause weakness of many organs.


For all the reasons listed above, squash is one healthy choice for people looking to lose weight in some non-traditional ways, so do not be reluctant to head out of your comfort zones and start playing squash to lose weight.

let us just hope that these benefits have left an impact on your minds, and you can decide why you need squash in your life. Playing squash can have lifelong advantages in many areas of your health, happiness, and mentality. Good luck with trying out this spectacular game!

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