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Play Squash Academy (PSA) Satellite Series 3 Tournament

Play Squash Academy (PSA) Satellite Series 3 Tournament

Play Squash Academy (PSA) Satellite Series 3 Tournament

Were you there to see all the action? The Play Squash Academy (PSA) Satellite Series 3 Tournament was held in Columbia, Maryland, from June 2nd to June 4th, 2023. This tournament showcased the skills and determination of some of the top world-ranked squash players. From jaw-dropping serves to lightning-fast reflexes, this tournament kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

Quarter-Finalists: The Elite Eight

Eight exceptional players emerged as the quarter-finalists after the initial stages of the Satellite Series 3 Tournament. Making it through the first stage was a testament of their dedication to their sport. Congratulations, Quarter-Finalists:

  • Zahir Shah
  • Syed Bokhari
  • Jahangir Naseem
  • Muhammad Abdul Qadir
  • Abdul Malik
  • Amin Khan
  • Yassine Elattal
  • Haris Qasim

Semi-Final Showdown: The Final Four

And then there were four. It wasn’t easy getting here as the competitors never gave an inch. Four players were ready to leave it on the court. Only one would emerge victorious:

  • Syed Bokhari
  • Muhammad Abdul Qadir
  • Abdul Malik
  • Haris Qasim

Clash of the Titans: The Grand Finale

The final match brought together two exceptional players, Syed Bokhari and Abdul Malik, who were ready to give it their all. The tension was palpable as the crowd eagerly anticipated the clash of these squash titans. In a nail-biting finale, Abdul Malik came out on top, claiming the Satellite Series 3 Tournament championship title.


The Satellite Series 3 Tournament in Columbia, Maryland, delivered on its promise of intense squash action. From the quarter-finals to the grand finale, we witnessed exceptional performances, jaw-dropping shots, and displays of sheer athleticism.

Congratulations to Abdul Malik for his well-deserved victory, runner-up Syed Bokhari, and kudos to all the players who showcased their skills and made this tournament memorable.

Also, get ready for another showdown! Mark your calendars for the upcoming Play Squash Academy PSA Satellite Series 4 tournament in Columbia, Maryland, from June 30th to July 2nd, 2023. Our tournaments bring together world-ranked squash players from around the globe to battle it out on the court. This is your chance to be a part of the action. If you’re passionate about squash and eager to showcase your skills, don’t miss this opportunity!

Registration is now open. Make sure to secure your spot before the registration deadline on June 21st. Want to be the best? Compete with the best. Register now!

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