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Harrow Spark Squash Racquet


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The Harrow Spark is the next generation of a squash racket, designed to be the ideal choice for advanced players. The design combines a head-heavy balance with an open throat and large hitting area, creating superior stability and power. A head-heavy balance also provides greater control on lobs and drops.

Aerodynamic frame shape: The aerodynamic shape of the frame allows air to pass over it easily, reducing drag and increasing speed when swinging through the ball. This results in more power without compromising control or accuracy.

  • Balance – Slightly Head Heavy
  • Balance At – 375mm
  • Color – Black / Royal
  • Composition – Carbon / Graphite
  • Factory String Tension – 28lbs
  • Grip – White
  • Head Shape – Open Throat
  • Skill Level – Advanced
  • String Type – Barrage Pro
  • Used By – Chris Hanson
  • Weight – 135g