Mini Junior Clinic (5 Years Old & Up)

A 5-year-old squash clinic for beginners is a specialized program designed to introduce young children to the sport of squash in a fun and engaging way. These clinics focus on developing basic skills, coordination, and a love for the game, while providing a supportive and enjoyable environment for young participants.

Here are some key aspects of a 5-year-old squash clinic:
The clinic will start by introducing the basic rules, equipment, and court layout of squash. Children will learn about the different strokes, how to hold the racket, and the fundamentals of the game
The emphasis at this age is on developing fundamental skills such as hand-eye coordination, footwork, balance, and agility. Our Coaches will use age-appropriate drills, activities, and games to help children improve these skills in a fun and interactive way.
To make it easier for young children to play squash, clinics may use modified equipment such as smaller rackets, & softer balls, These adaptations allow children to experience success and enjoyment while learning the basics of the game.
Clinics for 5-year-olds typically incorporate various games and activities to keep the children engaged and motivated. These games may involve hitting targets, playing on an Interactive Court, and participating in team-based activities to develop teamwork and social skills.

Safety is a top priority in any junior sports program. Our Coaches will ensure that the children understand the importance of wearing appropriate protective gear and following safety guidelines on the squash court.
It's important to note that at this age, the focus should be on fun, engagement, and developing a positive association with the sport. The goal is to foster a love for squash while gradually introducing the fundamental skills needed for future progression in the sport.


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