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Adult Squash Programs For All Levels

Adult Program

The Play Squash Academy offers an Adult Squash Program designed to cater to adult players of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. The program aims to provide comprehensive coaching, training, and opportunities for adults to improve their squash skills, enhance their fitness, and enjoy the sport. Here are some key features that may be included in the Play Squash Academy's Adult Squash Program:

Coaching Sessions

The program typically includes regular coaching sessions conducted by experienced squash coaches. These sessions focus on various aspects of the game, including technique, tactics, footwork, and strategy. Coaches provide personalized instruction and feedback to help players improve their skills.

Skill Development

The program aims to help players develop their squash skills progressively. It may cover fundamental techniques such as grip, swing, serve, volley, and shot selection. As players advance, more advanced skills and strategies, such as drop shots, lobs, deception, and court positioning, may be taught.


Multiple players participate in a training session together grouped by skill level. The players will perform training drills and fitness sessions under the instruction of our expert coaches.

Round Robin

A competition in which players are divided into smaller groups of players. Within each grouping, each player will complete a match against all other players in his or her group.


US Squash member clubs including Play Squash Academy offer a schedule of competitive tournaments across the country for players of all ages and abilities. These tournaments are aimed at providing an alternate pathway for those who are focused on player development and are looking for heightened levels of competition.

Private Lessons

Players receive one-on-one instruction from our staff of expert coaches, during which, players receive technical help with the goal of improving as a player.

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