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Play Squash Academy Squash Camps

Squash camps are a great way to develop young squash players who can outplay, outlast and outperform the competition!  Camps are appropriate for players of all skills and ages.  This year, we are pleased to announce overnight camps at Mercersburg Academy featuring guest coaches! All of our camps include training in the key elements of squash excellence:
    Technical Skill — stroke and movement mechanics
  • Tactics  — building shot sequences and patterns in order to execute match strategy
  • Performance — building speed, strength and agility on court.
  • Mindset — managing emotions, building a ‘grit’ mindset, establishing preparation for performance
  • Match Strategy — Identifying opponents strengths, weaknesses and style of play.  Developing strategies for setting the tone in a match, and responding to opponents play.
Players will be divided by skill, as appropriate, and areas of focus will shift, based on the strengths of each player.

Camps run in three sessions: 10 am – noon, noon-2pm and 2pm-4 pm.  Campers can do 1, 2 or 3 sessions per day.  Full day campers receive a discount, and are provided lunch.

Day camps are best suited for players who aspire to win at the silver level of play, or to be on a school team in the fall.

Campers will arrive on Sunday afternoon and picked up on Friday afternoon. Each camp will include 6 hours of instruction and an evening ‘fun’ activity! Overnight camps are best suited for committed squash players who are comfortable at the silver and gold level of play. July 1-6, James Willstrop will join us once again for our camps. Last summer, James’ camp was the sleeper hit. Players enjoyed lots of on-court time with the current World #13 and former World #1, who not only helped players with their technical approach but also focused on his winning game prep, and showed that winning British humor all the while. James is a coach for all players and levels. On July 9-15, David Palmer joins the team for a week of his signature high focus-high intensity training. Palmer, reached world #1 before founding the David Palmer squash academy in Orlando, FL, a global center for training top pros worldwide. In 2016 Palmer joined Cornell University as its head squash coach.
Our Director of Squash, Jahangir Naseem, has designed the squash camps to ensure a high level of coaching to maximize improvement and fun. Currently ranked PSA #32, Heba El Torky brings her emphasis on tactics an placement to drive students into smart, thoughtful play. Assistant coachesIkram Khan, Victor Garcia and Shahid Hussain return to the summer camps providing fitness training, drills to drive consistency, and match play experience. Hunt Richardson’s expertise in learning styles assists the coaching team in creating an environment in which all players can learn and grow. Student: coach ratio 4:1 Campers will need to have their own non-marking shoes and protective eye wear for camp. Racquets will be provided to players who do not have one, but the coaching staff recommends that campers purchase a racquet if they intend to play squash beyond their camp experience.