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Best Squash Shoes to Buy in 2022 (Updated with Links)

When we look good, we play good, do you believe in this theory? If you do not, then you should. 

When you carry the best squash gear you wear your confidence with it so with that much confidence you can win anything and everything in life, not just a game.

So, when we talk about squash, while many players first look at the squash racquet as the key equipment in the game of squash, the choice can be made for your shoes as well. Squash is a game of movement, and the base of your movement begins at your feet.

Just as having good footwear and movement on the court is key to playing winning squash, solid footwear leads to better squash and precludes injuries while playing and nobody wants that.

Let us see some of the best squash shoes to buy for the better game in 2021.

Salming Viper 3.0

The Salming Viper 3.0 Shoes are considered to be lightweight shoes that provide a fantastic movement around the court. Many players dig deeper into the structure and making of the shoe, which is mostly made of textile and leather with manufactured featured that may suit any indoor court texture and environment. This kind of construction provides maximum elasticity and comfort to the player to have the best experience while playing.

Salming viper has ExoSkeleton design in it which means this kind of design soothes the foot for creative movements and reduces pressure at the Metatarsophalangeal joints that are big toe and foot, which can be an area of sorrow for players with foot pain.

With all the good points these shows also have some outcomings. These shoes have a low profile, which may not provide itself the best for players with shaky ankles. Players have noted that for the price, they wish the shoe lasted longer as the heel support began to wear out. Another fault that has been noted is the laces, which many players say they need to replace.


  • Best toe and ball support
  • Fit is perfect
  • Vibrant colors and design


  • The heel has worn out quickly
  • Low profile shoe which does not provide high ankle support

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Prince NFS Indoor II (Best for Wide Feet)

The Prince NFS Indoor II Shoes are made up of synthetic mesh which provides players with relaxation during the game and air circulation after. These shoes are a great choice for all the players with wide feet because it provides comfort for wide feet all round. It is also made with a toe cap for drag protection and materials both inner and outer lining which provides comfort, stability, and flexibility. They are made with a lightweight Nubuck material for the upper, a padded collar area, and a unique lace design to make it easier to achieve the customized fit. When you consider buying this squash shoe, you should know that this squash shoe carries a slightly heavier weight than other squash shoes and would not be the perfect choice for those who want to be quick on the court. 

Many players have observed that they were not able to get as much toe support even with a protective lining on the tip of the shoe as it is specially designed for wide footed people.

On the whole, these shoes are a great choice for squash players and can handle the constant shuffling, lunges, and stretches of the game but everything that has many pros also has some cons with it.


  • Best for wide feet players
  • Extra comfort
  • Very durable
  • Factory insoles are above average


  • Heavy in weight
  • lack of toe support

Asics Gel-Rocket 8 (Best Value)

The ASICS Gel-Rocket 8 court shoes are a perfect choice for all the beginners. These shoes are light in weight and are easy on pockets.

These shoes were part of the Asics Volleyball Shoe series previously, but the flexibility of these shoes makes them great on the squash court as well.

These shoes are built with a special forefoot gel system that can be seen in the mid-sole. An advantage of this feature is to move lightly and smoothly while playing. Asic’s makes these shoes with NC Rubber® which gives fantastic hold on the squash courts.

These Asics are a great squash shoe for the price, but the manufacturer soles do not lend themselves to the best support. You will want to purchase shoe inserts separately for these shoes to prevent your feet from hurting, unlike other sports shoes. Also, the fabric on the outside of the shoes tends to tear, specifically on either side of the toes from the cutting and movement from playing a lot of squash.


  • Great value
  • Excellent floor grip
  • Lightweight


  • Factory insoles wear out quickly
  • Shoe size and fitting seem to be slightly big

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Salming Kobra (Best Colors)

These shoes redesigned in a limited different color for both men and women, the Salming Kobra Shoe is another one of the leading squash shoes. The Salming Kobra provides firm and stable positioning for players amid fabric and mesh. This feature is great for foot air circulation. Seeing that squash is a fast-paced and thorough moving game, the more flexible the footwear, the better the player can manage their gameplay.

The Salming Kobra also has a strong feeling which can make it a little uncomfortable in the case of flexibility though it excels in the area of sturdy support and court grip. Also, the heel will not be worn down as quickly because of its structure and construction.

On the whole, the Kobra is a great option for professional indoor sports players like squash games with its high-intensity factors. It has a high-performance rate and is among the most durable squash shoes to wear.


  • Heavier which provides foot and ankle support
  • Wider at the balls and toes for those with wide feet
  • Flashy design and colorful options available


  • Heavier than other Salming models
  • Expensive

HEAD Sonic 2000 Mid Court Shoes

The HEAD Sonic 2000 is a very stylish and comfortable pair of indoor court shoes made for fast-strode activities like squash. They are well designed with an EVA midsole and a non-marking outsole that is low to the ground and made from rubber.

This pair of HEAD shoes features many technologies to improve on a player’s performance and comforts, such as the hidden Heel stab system, highly receptive heel foam, and an injected TPU frame. Also, the upper section of the shoe is made of a breathable Air Mesh material to further help with the comfort levels.

The foot is well protected in the Speed Pro Lite II because of the lateral stability while the CXG technology is useful for its ability to deliver reliable shock absorption. Plus, there is the Energy Bridge that quickly transfers energy from the heel area to the front of the foot when pushing off.


  • Mid ankle support is great
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Great heel support


  • Some players have noted that the sole began to peel off shortly after their purchase

Things to Consider with Squash Shoes

Having a good pair of squash shoes is important. When you are buying squash shoes these should be not a single second option rather than going for the best shoes. In squash, your shoes are the basis of your performance. If they are not comfortable and supportive, you will not be able to play to the best of your ability.

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When looking at your squash shoes, it is much more important to ponder things like weight, ankle support, and foot width. 

A general rule of thumb is that you should replace your shoes the same number of times per year as the number of days per week that you train. For example, someone who plays three times a week should replace their shoes three times per year, whereas a person who trains only once a week would only need to replace them annually.

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