Play Squash Academy


About Our Program

We offer comprehensive squash program for Junior players & adults, ranging from beginner’s level to elite to professional level of play. Regardless of your age or skill level, our program has variety of options to build your squash game and meet your goal! “We are just committed to your passion”
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Our players/juniors who come through our program, develop a life-long love of squash and a healthy lifestyle by developing a sense of fair play along with skills and the intellectual & physical discipline required to excel in their skill level.

I have started the squash program in 2007 in DC, Maryland & Virginia, which has been growing since then. Our program has a loyal following of juniors and adults alike, who are drawn to the love of the game and ability to push themselves to excel in their sport. Our Program also emphasize fitness and mental acuity — teaching students not only proper technique, but the proper mind-set and thought process to play winning squash.

We currently oversee 5 National Capital Squash league teams 150 Juniors, as well as over 250 active players in our program. Our wonderful team of coaches train juniors and adults who are among the top rated players in their age, skill & division.

I like to compete myself to keep me motivated in my game which help me keep moving forward in my life and business. I have won many titles including US National skill, age and most recently 2018 World Master, constellation winner in 45’s hosted at UVA. More to come! 🙂